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A Fan Shared How NU`EST`s Ren Changed the Life of Her Cousin who is a Fan That Has Hearing Impairment


|  8 Jan

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Ren literally changed a person’s life and here’s how it happened.

A fan uploaded a long fan account from an experience at NU’EST W’s fan sign event that took place on December 8th. This particular fan is a fan that introduced herself as someone who joined the fandom after ‘Dejavu’ era as well as her cousin who is the main ‘role’ in this fan account. Her cousin is a person who has hearing-impairment, who loves all 5 members with her bias being Ren.

Image Source: Twitter 'Tealaa_Ren' 

Because of her impairment, her cousin faced many difficulties during her school days and even with the help of the hearing kit, she ended up leaving school half-way. The fan shared how much her cousin changed in her personality to be a person with much brighter energy after liking NU’EST. With the recent album release, this fan decided to try out for the fan sign and with all the money in her bank account she managed to get in and gave the seat to her cousin instead. 

She continued on sharing how her cousin traveled an hour and a half journey to get to the venue of the fan sign and how she storied the fan her experience at the fan sign when they met the next day. 

The fan shared that her cousin thanked her for introducing Ren to her and that she was afraid that Ren might get frustrated at her when she couldn’t reply to him when he talked to her because of her hearing. She could speak but her pronunciation was not perfect but Ren took the time to slowly comfort her when she teared up and deliberately enunciated each word clearly for her to understand. She thanked Ren for singing even though she can’t hear well and that she went there to tell him that.  

The fan added that her cousin didn’t want anyone to know about it at first, afraid that people might judge her for her disability, but she wanted people to know how Ren changed her and helped her and that’s how the fan who posted this long fan account decided to write this story to share. 

She is a brave child who met her own angel. 


Thumbnail Credit: Twitter 'Tealaa_Ren' 

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