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A MeU Asked Amber to Take More Pictures with Krystal and Here`s the Hilarious Reply Amber Gave on Why She Can`t


|  8 Oct, 2018

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Krystal may be more than Amber's budget. 

Amber attended and performed at the 'Get It Beauty' concert that was held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza on October 6th. She not only attended but performed in Seoul after a long while with her busy in other areas aside from performing. Under one of her posts from the event, a MeU commented for her to "Take more pictures with krystal" and here's how Amber responded. 

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Like how everyone loves her, Amber replied with her cheeky way and also known to all MeUs that Amber always refer Krystal as a 'Princess.' She replied, "i cant afford the princess rate" in a sense that she doesn't have to money to pay for Krystal's schedule rate.'

Image Source: Instagram 'ajol_llame' Screenshot  

Sure looking forward to more f(x) moments happening soon!

Source: [Youtube] DestinyHnn

Thumbnail Credit: kryber palace 

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