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A MeU Shared Her Insecurities About Others Talking Bad About f(x) and Here`s How Amber Responded to It


|  1 Aug, 2018

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Amber replied to a fan who voiced out her frustration on the group's hiatus. 

It's no secret that f(x) is not promoting as a group or doing any group activities for the past 3 years since their last release with '4 Walls' in 2015. With more girl groups popping out, MeUs are definitely receiving unnecessary negative remarks from those who just want MeUs to feel bad. With that, a fan poured out her frustration under one of Amber's Instagram and the f(x) member read it. 

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Expressing how she was sick of hearing people use derogatory terms on f(x), here's how Amber replied.

Image Source: Instagram 'ajol_llama' Screenshot 

Amber wrote, "Hi, I have read your comments. All i can say is I'm very sorry" before expressing she and her members want this more than anyone else. However, she rests assured anyone of the relationship between the members that "To us, f(x) is more than just music and working together, its the friendship and the sisterhood we share." 

Source: [Youtube] SMTOWN

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