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A Perfect Reason Why Yugyeom is the Best in GOT7 When It Comes to Girl Groups Dancing


/ 16 Jan

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Nope. You cannot expect anyone better in dancing girl groups' songs in GOT7 rather than Yugyeom. 

Why? You definitely need to watch the fancam above. It was taken during the second day of GOT7's 5th Anniversary Fanmeeting in Seoul, South Korea. On that day, the members have challenged a random play dance. Various songs were in the game, including BLACKPINK's 'Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,' Sunmi's 'Siren,' Red Velvet's 'Bad Boy,' BIGBANG's 'Fantastic Baby,' and more. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Planet Peach' Screenshot

Unlike the other members, who seem to know only a part of the girl groups' songs, Yugyeom knows almost everything and he even confidently danced in detail. No need any further explanation, you can enjoy Yugyeom (as well as Jackson and Bambam)'s dance covers in the video above.

Source: [Youtube] Planet Peach

Thumbnail Credit: YouTH, CLOSE STYLE

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