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A Pink`s Naeun`s New Video of Her Dancing in the Famous Adidas Leggings is Utterly Stunning


| 29 Oct, 2017

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Naeun did it again. 

The clothing brand Adidas requested Naeun a sponsorship for their classic leggings. Naeun accepted it, and she danced to A Pink's 'LUV' with the leggings on. Of course, the fit was perfect and her dance moves were as graceful as ever. Naeun said, "I accepted the sponsorship because I thought it would be good for A Pink, too. People who like Adidas will see me dance to an A Pink's song, and that is a good publicity. I figured it would be a win-win thing." It seems like Naeun did the right thing. 

Watch the video above for more! 

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Source: [Youtube] 핑순이들 

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