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A Squirtle was Spotted in Various Subway Station... It was Just an Adorable Leader Doing His Birthday Ads Tour


|  9 Jun, 2018

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A life-size Squirtle was recently spotted in the subway stations in Seoul. 

A water Pokemon, Squirtle was seen taking pictures with NU’EST’s JR’s birthday ads recently. It was no other than, NU'EST's leader, JR himself.

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With NU’EST’s JR celebrating his birthday on June 8th, birthday ads in subway stations have been prepared for his special day. However, despite this being widely done in Seoul, it’s really not that easy to have the idols to come see these for themselves due to the crowd and their time. 

Still, JR warmed his fans’ heart as he specially got a Squirtle costume which he is greatly known to look alike to and did a cute ‘JR Tour.’ A video of the tour was spread around and we could see nothing but the adorable leader paddling in his suit, making sure to go through every ads and take proof shots of them too.

Image Source: Twitter 'nisabyu'  

Image Source: Twitter 'Arab_Bugi'

Watch his tour in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] Bitter Tea

Thumbnail Credit: supaboogie

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