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AOA`s Seolhyun Talked about Her Unfollowing IU, Yoo Ahin, and More on Instagram


| 29 May, 2018

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Seolhyun revealed the reason why she decided to unfollow several artists on Instagram.

Earlier this month, Seolhyun has garnered attention for unfollowing IU, Yoo Ahin, comedian Yoo Byungjae, and several other artists on Instagram. Speculations were made and Netizens say that she is no longer close with the stars so that she unfollowed them. 

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However, during a recent showcase of AOA's comeback, Seolhyun explained that she didn't have any bad intention about it. She said, "Actually I just thought that I follow too many people on social media so I planned to manage it. However, I quickly stopped after rumors about the matter started. I cannot touch it anymore because people are focusing on me."

What do you think about the issue, people?

Source: [Youtube] YHS리락쿠마 & [Instagram] sh_9513

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