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AOA`s Seolhyun and Mina Shed Tears on [Hello Counselor] for a Heartbreaking Story of Alcohol


|  4 Jun, 2018

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Seolhyun and Mina could not help but tear up as then listen to a story of one audience about her father's drinking habit. 

In the preview photos released by KBS, Mina and Seolhyun are shedding tears as they become the guests of KBS' 'Hello Counselor.' According to a representative of the broadcasting channel, Seolhyun and Mina cried after they were being touched by a story of a father who has an addiction to alcohol and keeps hurting himself as he's drunk. 

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Image Source: KBS2

The girl told her story that her father keeps consuming alcohol and that he has hurt himself several times since he lost sanity when he's drunk. She said that recently, her father has fallen at the car park and that he had to undergo a big surgery. The girl then continued, "I have even thrown over the table to make him back to his senses."

Not only that, there is also another problem about her father: his economy. She said that her father is unable to give money to his family. She said that her family has gone through many hardships as they need to pay the tuition fee for the university. 

Hearing the daughter's confession, Seolhyun and Mina could not help but sry, as they sympathize with her. Seolhyun and Mina revealed that they were reminded of their families a lot when the girl shared the story of her family. 

The full episode of 'Hello Counselor' starring Seolhyun and Mina will air tonight, on May 4th, AT 11:10 P.M KST. 

Source: [Youtube] [ KBS 안테나 ]

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