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ARMYs Go Stronger with Theories, Claiming BTS will Make Their Comeback on August 24th


| 11 Jul, 2018

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ARMYs join forces to 'solve' the truth behind Smeraldo mysteries. 

After the flower shop re-opened their blog, a new post has now been posted. The post, of course, results in even more theories from fans. In the flower shop's new post, they revealed that they will open the business this August. On their Twitter account, they also put hashtag #PlayingCard -- so far, fans believe that the boys' comeback title track will be related to this. 

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Image Source: NAVER Blog 'testesso'

Furthermore, fans have now added a new speculation: that the boys will make comeback on August 24th. This is because the flower shop tweeted on their Twitter account at 4:28 P.M KST. When you read it from the back, it will result in 8:24 (August, 24th). 


Image Source: Twitter '@FlowerSmeraldo'

The full translation of the post is such as follows:

"Hello. I'm florist 'Testesso.'

The reason I opened this blog is to introduce about a kind of flower called ‘Smeraldo.'

I'm currently preparing to open my flower shop specialized in Smeraldo in mid-September.

Some may think this blog is just for promoting my shop, but I think that my encounter with Smeraldo isn't just a mere business.

My first string of fate with Smeraldo dates back to 5 years ago. I was studying abroad in North Dakota in Central North America then, and I decided to travel to Virginia to participate in hosted by American Florist Academy. It took more than 5 hours to go from North Dakota to Virginia by plan, and from my dorm to the academy venue took more than 7 hours.

But after that long journey, what I discovered at the event venue was an 'Origins of Playing Cards' banner. had already ended the week before and at that time, the American Playing Cards Academy was hosting an event there. I miswrote the date in my diary. At that time, I was flustered and dumbfounded, but looking back, I think it was all fate. I was so tired that I didn't have the strength to go somewhere else, so I just sat there and attended the lecture. Luckily it was an interesting lecture and the part about a flower fascinated me the most, probably because I work as a florist. You probably have guessed it already, that flower was… 'Smeraldo.'

Smeraldo has a warm atmosphere. Romantic petal shape with a profound and mysterious color, don't you feel like there's a sad story behind it?

That's right. Smeraldo is a flower with a heartrending story. You can get to know this story through its flower language, "non potevo dire la verità," meaning "the truth that couldn't be told" in Italian. Looking at its meaning, you can figure out it's a story about love, about a tragic love, right?"

Translation by www.ktaebwi.tumblr.com

So far, there is still no any official announcement made by Big Hit Entertainment about BTS' comeback. It seems like fans have to be a little bit more patient for their upcoming release, right? Stay tuned! 

Source: [Youtube] ibighit

Thumbnail Credit: BTS 

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