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ASTRO`s Eunwoo Once Again Impressed with His Astonishing Visual in His Identification Pictures


| 11 Mar, 2018

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The cruelty of identification pictures did not fret Eunwoo's visual one bit.

Even though it has been commonly and widely known within the Kpop scene that Eunwoo's visual is among the top few for it's delicate features, but he just proved that those visuals do not sway in any situation. Identification pictures are definitely not one of those where you could cover with your hair or add on some filter neither can you search for your perfect angle. 

Despite the stiff and formal photo taking, Eunwoo stunned with his handsomely taken pictures, going against all odds. 

Image Source: insight

Source: [Youtube] M2

Thumbnail Credit: Chaeunwooth

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