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ASTRO`s Eunwoo Totally Swept Actress Lee Siyoung Off Her Feet... She Couldn`t Hold in Her Abrupt Compliment for Him


|  1 Jun, 2018

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Eunwoo being confident charms anyone anytime.

Eunwoo appeared on variety show 'Cross the Line' along with actress Lee Siyoung who is a fixed cast of the show.

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The 4 of them entered a French restaurant and a waiter arrived at their table to take their orders. Eunwoo volunteered to be the one who does the ordering and confidently asked for recommendations from the waiter in English. The way Eunwoo answered and asked in the conversation felt so cool to actress Lee Siyoung that made her went, "Really cool..."

Image Source: Youtube 'MBCentertainment' Screenshot

Another cast of the show, Kim Gura caught her saying it and asked her "Did you just say he was cool...?" only to prompt a smile from the actress while she took another look at Eunwoo who was ordering.

Watch the moment at the 2:39 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] MBCentertainment

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