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Acquaintances Share Stories about Yeonjun, Reveal What He Looks Like in Real Life


| 12 Jan

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Acquaintances of Yeonjun came up to share stories about the rookie idol.

Since Big Hit Entertainment's announcement of Yeonjun becoming a member of boy group TXT, the Internet does not stop to talk about him. After her pre-debut photos, acquaintances of him have now appeared to reveal more about Yeonjun. So far, there are two stories about Yeonjun which has been up on the web: Yeonjun's high school life and his audition for Cube Entertainment. 

Yeonjun's High School Life 

Image Source: The Qoo

A senior of Yeonjun at his high school shared the story. According to the post, Yeonjun was so handsome even when he was only a student. Everyone had been talking about him as soon as he entered the school. However, he moved out to another school during his 2nd year. The acquaintance also revealed that Yeonjun is also kind. 

Yeonjun's Audition for Cube Entertainment

Image Source: Instiz

A post in an online community revealed that Yeonjun once auditioned for Cube Entertainment, together with one of his friends. According to the writer, who was also auditioned for Cube, Yeonjun and his friend helped each other with the makeup and the two were very determined to pass the audition. 

Source: [Youtube] ibighit

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'ibighit' Screenshot, Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

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