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Actor Park Haejin to Make Special Cameo in Upcoming Episode of [The Culprit is You]


| 17 May, 2018

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Park Haejin will appear on the upcoming episode of Netflix's 'The Culprit is You.'

The actor will make a special cameo on the variety show on its 5th episode which will be aired on May 18th. The upcoming episode is titled 'A Mysterious Island Village,' where it tells the story of a murder of a vampire in a mysterious island. Park Haejin will appear as a doctor, who causes suspicions due to his strange alibi. Park Haejin might be related to the murder case, or he might be innocent, like what he says to the detectives.

Image Source: Insight

Are you looking forward to the episode featuring Park Haejin, ladies and gentlemen?

Source: [Youtube] Dwi PHJ

Thumbnail Credit: Insight, Netflix

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