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Actress Goo Hyesun Chopped Her Hair Short... Fans Cannot Help But Love It to the Moon and Back


| 11 Jan

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Goo Hyesun surprised fans with a brand new haircut. 

Recently, the actress took to her Instagram and uploaded selfies with her new short hair. She simply put a shocked emoticon in the caption, without writing anything more. While it's not the first time for her to appear in short cut, fans have been once again surprised at how beautiful the actress really is with a bobbed hairstyle. 

It's been a while since Goo Hyesun appears on the screen. Her last drama is MBC's 'You are Too Much,' in which she was replaced on Episode 7th due to her health problem). However, in 2018, Goo Hyesun released her short film 'Mystery Pink.' Do you think her new haircut hints at her comeback, ladies and gentlemen? 

Source: [Youtube] 참존화장품 & [Instagram] kookoo900

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@kookoo900'

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