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Actress Kim Yoojung Revealed the Thing`s Changed after Turning 20


| 21 Feb, 2018

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Kim Yoojung talked more about being an adult. 

On February 21st, fashion magazine 'InStyle' revealed new beauty pictorial and interview they had with the actress for the March issue. Turning 20 years old this year, Kim Yoojung revealed the things that have been changed since she is an adult now. 

Kim Yoojung started, "You can ask me how I am different since I am an adult not. I think there is no big change for me even I have turned 20 years old. Preparing for projects and practicing for acting are always the same." 

However, Kim Yoojung confessed that her interest in makeup and skin care is getting bigger. She said that she used to only apply only all-in-one skincare product, but now she applies toner pack and cream mask to maintain her skin. She explained, "I didn't really know about skin, but as I learn more about it, I got interested in it."

She added, "While filming, I eat a lot of salad, cabbage, kobocha, and more. However, I am still trying to take more nourishment in daily life."

Image Source: InStyle

Source: [Youtube] 김유정 팬페이지 유, 정

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