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After All of the Reports, Cube Changed Their Decision about Kicking out EDawn and HyunA


| 14 Sep, 2018

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Cube Entertainment seems to alter their decision to fire EDawn and HyunA from the company. 

Following Cube Entertainment's official statement and all the reports of EDawn and HyunA's departure from the agency, they have now told media that things might change. One representative of the agency revealed, "Their departure is still in talks, there is nothing decided so far." 

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Earlier on the same day, Cube said that EDawn and HyunA are no longer their artists due to the failure to "recover the trust with the two artists." The topic is currently still dominating the real-time search engines in South Korea. It was also reported that Cube Entertainment has experienced stocks drop quickly after their announcement on EDawn and HyunA's departure

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Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이)


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