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Agency Asks Netizens to Stop Leaving Malicious Comments for the Late Singer Tany


| 18 Apr, 2018

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The singer has left this world but haters don't stop to leave malicious comments for him.

On April 17th, the late singer's agency, HOM Company, revealed, "We appreciate anyone who has paid much attention to the singer's death. However, we are so sad to see several malicious comments left by Netizens for the singer."

The agency continued, "The deceased has never intended to release the song for the Sewol Ferry Disaster for political purpose. He made the song just to share the sadness, and to comfort everyone about the issue."

Late singer Tany released a song paying tribute to victims of Sewol Ferry Disaster, 'Always Remember,' back in December 2016. While he had good intentions behind the song, not few criticize the song and suspect that the song was released for political purposes.

Meanwhile, Tany passed away on April 14th, after being involved in a fatal car accident.

Source: [Youtube] CJENMMUSIC Official

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