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Agency Posted about Kim Woobin on His Birthday... It`s Heartbreaking


| 16 Jul, 2018

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Sidus HQ took to their Instagram for Kim Woobin's birthday. 

The actor turns 30 years old (29 years old, internationally) on July 16th. Although the actor is still unable to make a public appearance due to his cancer, fans hold hands together and congratulate him for his birthday, giving strength to the actor. Not only his fans, his agency, sidus HQ, also do the same on his birthday. The agency took to their official Instagram account and uploaded a black and white photo of Kim Woobin with a caption, "One day, just waiting like nothing's happened. Happy 30th birthday. #sidusHQ #KimWoobin."

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There is no update on the actor's current health condition. Kim Woobin was diagnosed with a nasopharyngeal cancer back in May 2017 and he had to take a full rest. Kim Woobin stopped all of his activities in his upcoming movie 'Wiretap' after the diagnosis. 

Get well soon and happy birthday, Kim Woobin!

Source: [Youtube] DramaKBS & [Instagram] sidushq_star

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@sidushq_star,' SBS

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