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Agency Released Statements about Zico`s Decision to Leave Block B


/ 23 Nov, 2018

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Seven Seasons talked more about Zico's departure from the agency and the group. 

Following the news confirming Zico's departure, a representative from the group's agency, Seven Seasons, revealed, "We have been together for 5 years but we have finally agreed on the termination of the contract (with Zico)."

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The agency continued, "For those times, Zico has not been only the leader of the group but he has also produced songs for the group and was a great strength for Block B. We wish him luck for his new path. In the future, too, we will show our support for Zico."

Image Source: TV REPORT 

Zico has been confirmed to leave the group. He will continue to promote as a solo artist, to release his song sometime in early 2019. Meanwhile, the other 6 members of Block B have renewed their contract with the management and stay as Block B members.

Source: [Youtube] Stone Music Entertainment

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, 허핑턴포스트코리아

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