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Ailee Talked about How She was Depressed with Her Weight, Burst into Tears


|  6 Aug, 2018

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Ailee burst into tears while talking about her diet and weight. 

On the August 5th episode of 'Hidden Singer,' Ailee came as a guest and she talked about her extreme diet in the past. She started, "I ate only 500 calories per day to lose weight. I was 49 kg. I didn't eat anything all day. I'm a singer, but I was so sad that I had to do that to stand on stage."

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Image Source: JTBC

The singer continued, "I sang less good when I was thin. I felt like I wasn't able to show my 100%. I might have looked good at 49-50kg but I was the most depressed." Ailee concluded, "However, I decided that I don't care and I'm happy right now. I think the most important for me is to be satisfied with my singing ability."

Source: [Youtube] JTBC Entertainment

Thumbnail Credit: SBS News, topstarnews

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