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All IOI`s Music Videos are Re-Uploaded on Youtube, Fans Got Mixed Feelings


| 26 Jun, 2018

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New IOI uploads cause debate among fans. 

Around 5 P.M KST on June 26th, fans of IOI were surprised with the new uploads from the girls. Unfortunately, it's not something new, but the group's previous releases instead. Their MVs, including 'Dream Girls,' 'Whatta Man,' 'Very Very Very,' and 'Downpour' were reuploaded on Stone Music Entertainment's official Youtube channel.  

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Image Source: Youtube 'Stone Music Entertainment' Screenshot

While most of the fans are cool with the reuploads, not few of them were panicking about it. They have been worried much about the view counts, while some are being extra, expressing their depression to have the project group back together. Several comments found on Youtube read, "I know it's impossible but please bring them back", "Are you guys trying to make me cry with all of these?", "CAN YOU PLEASE JUST DON'T?" and more. 

What do you think about this, ladies and gentlemen?  

Source: [Youtube] Stone Music Entertainment

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