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Amber Shared About Her Impromptu Film Set Visit for Krystal`s Drama [Player] Recently and Here`s How It Happened


| 15 Oct, 2018

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The visit was unplanned. 

Amber and Krystal have recently reunited at the latter’s drama filming set for ‘Player.’ Many could have thought that Amber has actually planned to make a trip down like her previous ones for Krystal’s past dramas. However, Amber recently was being asked about that incident and MeUs were only being told that it was an unplanned trip.

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In her recent live, Amber shared that she was face-timing Krystal on her way home after just arriving back in Seoul recently when the latter popped a casual comment saying that “Oh you know you should come by the set, ya, okay bye.” 

Amber didn’t take that comment into much consideration at first before she asked her manager the distance they need to cover to get to the set and whether he wants to make a visit when the latter was cool with the idea. 

Image Source: Instagram 'songseungheon1005’ 

She also shared how the board she prepared with Krystal’s name on it that wrote “Yah! Soojung!(Hey! Krystal!)” took her 10 minutes.

Image Source: Instagram 'vousmevoyez

Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] DestinyHnn

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