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An App on TVXQ`s Yunho`s Phone Caught the Attention of Fans, Showing His Humble-Self Once Again


|  1 Sep, 2018

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Yunho was seen with using 'Cashwalk.'

TVXQ arrived in Gimpo airport from Japan on August 26th and Yunho's phone screen gathered attention with an application that was shown on it. It was an application called 'Cashwalk.' The application earns you '1 cash with every 100 steps you took, recorded by a pedometer in the phone.

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One is allowed to collect up to 100 cash in a day for achieving a maximum number of 10,000 steps. The 'cash' collected in the application can be used at convenience stores and selected cafes. Not only fans but netizens are impressed by this on Yunho. 

Image Source: Twitter 'Bells eden' 

Even though, Yunho is known for his humbleness throughout the years, to think that he would be using applications like this despite the wealth he has, do proves his down-to-earth nature once again. 

Source: [Youtube] TV-People

Thumbnail Credit: yoonhostar, bells eden 

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