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An Old Clip of Song Joongki Got Curious and Talked to a Fansite Master of BTS Resurfaces


| 28 Nov, 2018

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It seems like it's never enough to watch this adorable clip. 

The clip was taken from the 2016's 'Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards.' At that time, both Song Joongki and BTS were invited to the awards ceremony. BTS did not come only for the awards but also to perform on the stage. They performed 'Blood, Sweat & Tears,' and Song Joongki was captured on camera talking to one BTS fansite master. 

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Image Source: Insight

Sitting right next to the fansite master, the actor seemed to be curious much about how she took photos of the idols with her camera. Song Joongki was the first to approach the fan but unfortunately(?) the fan did not show interest in him and continued taking photos of the boys. In the clip, you can also see Song Hyekyo and Lee Kwangsoo who were all focused on the performance. 

It seems like the clip resurfaces in various online communities as Song Joongki is about to make his drama comeback through 'The Chronicles of Asdal' in which he will play together with actress Kim Jiwon. 

Check out the clip above to find out more!

Source: [Youtube] 일반 뉴스

Thumbnail Credit: Karen, Insight

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