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An Update on Actor Lee Seowon`s Trial: Pleads Guilty to All Charges


| 13 Jul, 2018

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Actor Lee Seowon pleads guilty to charges of sexual harassment and criminal threats.

On July 12th, Lee Seowon visited the Seoul Eastern District Court for his first trial. In front of reporters coming to the venue, the actor apologized for causing such a scandal.

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Lee Seowon's attorney revealed, "There is no room for excuses or denial because there was DNA evidence found. We acknowledge (the defendant's) guilt. However, the defendant is unable to remember anything (from the incident)."

Image Source: TV REPORT

The actor's attorney confirmed that the actor was pleading guilty to all charges, but requesting a lenient sentence in light of his diminished mental and physical faculties at the time of the incident. He said, "What we will be contesting is the severity of his punishment."

Source: [Youtube] 한경닷컴

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