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Audience went Wild the Moment Gong Yoo Started to Unbutton His Shirt for This One Reason at a Recent Event


| 27 Jun, 2018

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Gong Yoo needed a cool-down.

Gong Yoo visited Taiwan recently for an ASUS event when he mentioned how the passionate support given by the audience heated up the whole venue. 

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At the mention of it, Gong Yoo repeatedly said that "Oh, it's so hot, so hot" before he started to meddle with his shirt button. The MC hopped off his chair and asked him, "Why are you unbuttoning your shirt!" when Gong Yoo smilingly replied that "It's hot!"

Image Source:  Youtube 'NewShowBiz完全娛樂' Screenshot 

The audience was definitely about to scream their lungs out. Watch the moment at the start of the video above!

Source: [Youtube] NewShowBiz完全娛樂
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