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B.A.P Shocked Fans with Their Hint on Upcoming Possible Disbandment


| 26 Jul, 2018

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B.A.P members indeed made fans worried about the statement they made at their most recent concert. 

On July 22nd, the boys held 'B.A.P 2018 LIVE' in Seoul, greeting their fans and performing their hit songs on the stage. The event was all fun and full of energy until the members suddenly hinted a possible disbandment of B.A.P. During the ending comments, the members shared their feeling in a more serious way to fans coming to the venue. 

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Image Source: Facebook '아이돌이슈' 

The six members revealed that it's not impossible that it's the last concert for the six of them. The boys said that their contract is drawing near to an end. B.A.P itself is a group debuted in 2012, managed by TS Entertainment. 

Image Source: memory lane

Stay tuned for updates!

Source: [Youtube] xenia tubby

Thumbnail Credit: YONGGOK BBANG, Facebook '아이돌이슈' 

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