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B.A.P`s Zelo has Done BTS` #IdolChallenge... It`s All You Need for the Day


| 30 Aug, 2018

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Fans got a B.A.P X BTS interaction!

B.A.P's Zelo has jumped on the bandwagon doing the currently trending 'Idol Challenge.' 'Idol Challenge' is a fun project started by JHope which invites participants to cover or recreate the dance from the music video for the song 'Idol.'

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Image Source: Youtube 'BTS & ARMY News' Screenshot

It's currently trending on various social media, including Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Thousands of fans all around the world have participated in the challenge. B.A.P's Zelo, who is a close friend of BTS' members, has also shown what he got for the challenge! Watch B.A.P Zelo's version of BTS' 'Idol Challenge' above!

Source: [Youtube] BTS & ARMY News

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@BARCODE96, @sugarrush309

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