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BIGBANG`s GDragon to Have Special Treatment During His Ankle Surgery?


| 25 Jun, 2018

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BIGBANG's GDragon is currently a hot topic for allegedly receiving special treatment during his ankle surgery. 

On June 25th, Dispatch claimed that the leader of BIGBANG has been hospitalized in a colonel room for his ankle surgery. As previously reported, GDragon had an ankle surgery after injuring himself in the camp. The issue has now been resurfaced after he allegedly received special treatment for the surgery. 

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Regarding the issue, a representative from Yangju's military hospital said, "There's nothing we cannot reveal about it. We have to check it with the medical command." Meanwhile, GDragon's agency, YG Entertainment, remains silent about the issue. 

Source: [Youtube] BIGBANG

Thumbnail Credit: HIPPO_GG.., YOULIKE

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