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BIGBANG`s Seungri Shared How He Got to Know EXO`s Sehun in a Recent Interview


|  2 Sep, 2018

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The top maknaes met. 

BIGBANG's Seungri and EXO's Sehun have been receiving attention for their close relationship and Seungri has also previously sent a food truck support for Sehun when the latter was filming for his drama. Seungri was being asked about how he got to know the EXO maknae in a recent interview with 'Sohu.' 

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Seungri shared that "Sehun and I are both maknaes and with the fate opportunity at the MAMA event that was held in Hong Kong, we are very close to each other right now."

Image Source: smilingears0522 

Source: [Youtube] CR Cheh

Thumbnail Credit: Beats per Minute 

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