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BLACKPINK Talks About the Post of [Forever Young] That was Being Recorded in 2015


| 24 Jun, 2018

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BLACKPINK members saw the post about 'Forever Young' that was recorded back in 2015. 

In a recent V live, Jisoo asked her members if they saw the Instagram post about 'Forever Young' that was recorded back in 2015 and all the members said they did.

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The girls expressed how surprised they were and Jisoo pointed out that it was Lisa's part. Jennie was surprised and wondered, "How was it being kept till now..." Jennie also added that "It may be hard to believe that we prepared the song even before our debut but it's true." 

Image Source: Youtube 'You Na' Screenshot

Rose added that that clip itself, "That's the evidence to it!" Watch the moment at the 11:50 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] You Na

Thumbnail Credit: jennie avenue

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