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BLACKPINK`s Jennie and Rosé Whined the Moment They Heard Jisoo Naming a Part of Lisa That She would Like to Have and Here`s Why


| 11 Oct, 2018

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Yes, Jennie and Rosé were a step late. 

BLACKPINK went on 'Love Game Radio' on June 29th. On this day, the MC threw a question that from the messages that were being sent in asking, “Is there some parts of a member that I would like to have? Like I am jealous of this member’s feature....” and here’s how Jisoo responded. 

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Jisoo named, “Lisa’s long legs” before the rest could say it and Jennie and Rose whined in unison. Jennie immediately exclaimed, “She said it!” and both Rose and herself let out a sadden expression after having their answer already taken. On the other hand, Jisoo celebrated her victory as she went, "I got it first! Oh yes!"  

Image Source: Youtube 'ei Tea 2' Screenshot 

Watch the moment at the 38:06 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] ei Tea 2

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