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BLINKs were Disheartened to See BLACKPINK Being Stop in the Midst of Their Performance at a Recent Event


| 23 Jun, 2018

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BLACKPINK was called off stage in the midst of their song.

BLACKPINK was one of the performing artists at the Lotte Family Concert that was held recently. The girls were performing their stage when a staff could be seen going up the stage to get the members off stage. 

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Fans were furious at the treatment that the girls were getting due to the lack of management from the event. It has been shared and understood that BLACKPINK was asked off stage because fans who were still entering the venue that wanted to see them started pushing and it was beginning to be dangerous. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Mera' Screenshot

BLACKPINK was supposed to perform again but they couldn’t due to the following schedule they need to be. 

You can watch the clip above at its 1:27 mark to know more. 

Source: [Youtube] Mera   

Thumbnail Credit: Aquarius Rhapsody, jenniechu

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