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BTOB`s Changsub Sang This Song of SHINee That He Likes But He had to Pause After the First Chorus


/  8 Jun, 2018

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Changsub sings to the SHINee song he likes.

In a past V live broadcast Changsub and Eunkwang did in a karaoke room, Changsub personally entered a song he wanted to sing before introducing it as SHINee's 'An Encore.'

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Despite his expression that brought hints of playfulness, Changsub sang the song sincerely and gave it a little color of his own. Eunkwang was happily munching on his burger while Changsub sang but joined in at the chorus for some harmonization. At the end of the first chorus, Changsub picked up the remote to pause the song when Eunkwang looked at him, clueless.

Image Source: Youtube 'KBS 한국방송 (MyloveKBS)' Screenshot

Changsub gave a good laugh when he expressed that "Wait, it's so tiring. That's because it's a song sang by 5 that I am singing it alone."

Watch the moment in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] muyi

Thumbnail Credit:noonwoosm

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