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BTOB`s Changsub Told a Hilarious Story of Being Admitted to University with Fellow Member Hyunsik


|  6 Jul, 2018

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BTOB's Changsub opened up about how he was admitted to Howon University. 

During an episode 'What's on Cube?,' Changsub told a story of passing his university entrance test. He said, "I was at home at that time and because I heard that the result has come out, I turned on my computer to check it." Changsub added, "I saw the congratulatory message on my computer but I was blank and I plainly told my mom that I passed the exam. She ran like crazy." 

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Image Source: Youtube '혜워니트윙클' Screenshot

Changsub continued, "On the afternoon, I realized it and I was so happy. I could not hold back my gratitude and I was running all day long." He then revealed that only 5 were admitted among the 3,000 applicants, and only two men passed the exam. Changsub said, "It's me and the other one is Hyunsik. Our member, Hyunsik."

Check out the video above to know more! 

Source: [Youtube] 혜워니트윙클

Thumbnail Credit: 술먹자현식아, DREAMING DAYS

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