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BTOB`s Changsub`s Impromptu Head Gear Appearance at a Year-End Show Made TWICE Members Laughed out Loud Behind Him


|  6 Jan

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Changsub did it again. 

BTOB and TWICE were two of the performing artist at the recent year-end show on 'KBS Song Festival' that took place on December 28th. At the end of the last stage with EXO's performance, all artists regathered on stage for a finale with a veteran singer Kim Yeonja with her song, 'Amor Fati.' Artists were given light batons and head accessories to join in the stage, to hype up the atmosphere when Changsub made his way through to the front with the colorful strip headgear on him. 

Image Source: Youtube 'KBS World TV' Screenshot

With his serious expression on, he elegantly stole TWICE members' attention who was behind him and especially Nayeon and Jeongyeon could be seen laughing out loud the moment they saw Changsub. 

Watch the moment at the 3:11 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] KBS World TV

Thumbnail Credit: Adorable9095, heartflipped

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