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BTOB`s Sungjae Saw Someone Selling a Signed Cap of His Online and Here`s What He Responded to the Posting


|  5 Jan

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Sungjae came across a posting that was selling his signed cap. 

On December 31st, a posting was uploaded onto Twitter, selling a signed ballcap of BTOB's Sungjae at 55,000 won including postage fee. The tweet was only up for around an hour when Sungjae came across the tweet. 

Image Source: instiz 

Under this post, Sungjae made fans laughed hard at his response with him replying to the seller going, "Please give me a discount" despite it being a cap that he personally signed. 

Image Source: instiz 

To this netizens commented going, "How did he find that tweet?" "Ah! This is so funny!" as well as "As expected from the funniest group's maknae!"

Wonder if Sungjae got his discount? 

Source: [Youtube] bluebyeol / 6_sosweet

Thumbnail Credit: 너울, instiz 

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