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BTOB`s Yook Sungjae Did This on a Live Broadcast... It Might Be the Craziest Thing EVER


| 17 Apr, 2018

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Yook Sungjae is definitely not just another idol.

Recently, photos of him being "extra" in a broadcast have been surfacing on various online communities. The photos were taken from a broadcast he had on 'V LIVE,' where he stuck ice cream on his face. Yes, you read the correct thing, he literally covered a side of his face with ice cream.

Image Source: Insight

Needless to say, what he did is not something "normal," especially for idols, who tend to keep their image. However, rather than being dissapointed, fans who see this flood him with praises as he could stay true and be himself, although his profession. Meanwhile, several others highlight his captivating visual in spite of being "coated" with ice cream. The post on various online communities was titled 'Handsome Even If Covered with Ice Cream.'

How do you love Yook Sungjae's unique personality, people?

Source: [V LIVE] BTOB

Thumbnail Credit: IF THE RECORD, Insight

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