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BTS` Jin and Taehyung were Spotted Fight Each Other as They Discussed Their Stage Performance


| 12 Apr, 2018

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Jin and Taehyung had a small fight as they talked about the group performance.

On the 4th episode of 'Burn the Stage,' things are getting hot between Jin and Taehyung. It was all happened at the backstage when the two talked about their stage performance. Taehyung said, "Hyung's preparation time is too long." Jin then replied, "Then if it's that case, I just can simply make my steps shorter (so that it can match the others')." Hearing his answer, Taehyung emphasize his words, "What I am saying is I hope that you can make it tight and start the steps quickly."

Image Source: Youtube 'BANGTANTV' Screenshot 

On the fight, Suga commented, "It's obvious; they fight. The important thing is how they can handle it." Leader RM also told them, "You know I also did wrong sometimes and you obviously can get angry about that, I just hope that we all can think more about that."

Well, it seems like they just wanted to give the best to fans, after all!

Source: [Youtube] BANGTANTV

Thumbnail Credit: VOSS, 나아갈진

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