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BTS` Song Played, TWICE`s Dahyun Could Not Help but to Fangirl over the Boys


/ 30 Apr, 2018

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Dahyun could not stop her body to dance, once BTS' 'Fire' is on!

During her appearance with the other TWICE members on the April 29th episode of 'Running Man,' Dahyun showed off what she got in dancing -- and how she loves BTS' songs much. MC Yoo Jaesuk first asked her to show her dance, which fellow member Jihyo commented, "It's not a joke, she is so good in comical dance." After entertaining everyone with her hilarious moves, she went back to her place, next to Yang Sechan. 

Shortly after, another song was played, and it's BTS' 'Fire'! As soon as the song was on, Dahyun came to the center yet again and gave her best in covering the dance. Although the other MCs stopped her, Dahyun could not help but dance along the song with all her might. Yoo Jaesuk eventually stopped her with a hilarious comment, saying, "I know you like to dance much but you better stop coming out (to dance)."

Image Source: Youtube 'SBS Running Man' Screenshot

Check out the video above to know more!

Source: [Youtube] SBS Running Man

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