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BTS` Taehyung Spotted Shedding Tears After an Argument with Jin


/ 17 Apr, 2018

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Taehyung broke into tears after he heard Jin's explanation about their argument.

During the fourth episode of 'Burn the Stage,' Taehyung and Jin were spotted having a word fight regarding to their stage performance. The environment got intense as both of them started to raise their voice. Being professional, leader RM told them to stop and finish the concert in the first place, before they might continue arguing.

Image Source: Youtube 'DaisyxBTS 07' Screenshot

As the boys going back to their place, everyone sat down together in the living room to discuss what really happened between the two. After the problem got solved one by one, Taehyung and Jin apologized to each other, saying that none of them actually meant to do so. The rest of the members then left the two, giving them chance to have a deeper talk.

Getting into a deeper talk, both Taehyung and Jin slowly explained their perspective and found out why they ended to have an argument. After being clear, Taehyung, who is younger than Jin, could not help but shed tears in front of Jin. Taehyung then said to Jin, "Let's have a drink later on."

Find out more in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] DaisyxBTS 07

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'DaisyxBTS 07,' LUVIN_TAETAE

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