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BTS Jimin`s Unable to Attend [The Graham Norton Show] Due to Health Issues


| 12 Oct, 2018

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Jimin was not able to participate in 'The Graham Norton Show.'

On October 11th (local time), BTS came as the special guest for United Kingdom's famous talk show 'The Graham Norton Show.' However, fans could see only 6 members of BTS -- without Jimin. It was revealed that Jimin suffered from neck and back muscle strains and was unable to come to the show. Big Hit Entertainment has also made an official statement and apology about the issue prior to the show. You can read the full announcement below. 

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Image Source: Twitter '@BigHitEnt' Screenshot

Get well soon, Jimin!

Source: [Youtube] Anisa 사랑 kpop

Thumbnail Credit: FATE, mydaily

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