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BTS Members Reveal Plans and Wishes for 2018 through Lunar New Year Greeting


| 14 Feb, 2018

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BTS wishes happiness for the Lunar New Year. 

The seven members came together and sent their wish to everyone. They started, "We wish everyone can be healthy and happy in 2018."

Leader RM said, "It would be a pleasure if all of your works turn out well in this golden dog year. We will work hard with full energy. I wish all the members have a healthy body and mind. I want to realize my dream to have a tour in World Stadium."

JHope continued, "I think the golden dog year will have a lot of meaning for me whose Chinese zodiac is dog. I am always grateful for the things happened to me and I wish I can go through this year well. I always want to release my mixtape to fans."

Jin added, "I was so happy in 2017 and I wish I can spend 2018 just like that. I wish all of the members never get sick and always be happy."

Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment

Suga said, "I still can't believe that it is already 2018. This year, I wish BTS can make into Billboard's 'Hot 100.' Personally, I wish I can release a lot of works and collaborate with various artists. Lastly, I wish the world can be at peace."

Jimin added, "I wish 2018 will be a great year for all the members and fans. I wish I can show more of myself (to fans) this year."

Taehyung continued, "I cannot believe that I am now 24 years old. I also cannot believe that I have come this far and become a part of BTS. I wish everyone never get hurt and always be healthy in 2018. I wish this year will be full of happy days."

The golden maknae Jungkook concluded, "I wish I can find my true self more in 2018. I will practice piano hard and I wish I can perform even better."

Source: [Youtube] ibighit

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