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BTS and Charlie Puth: The Complete Step-by-Step of How They Came to Be


| 11 Jul, 2018

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Brotherhood at first Tweet!

It is not news how much Charlie Puth and BTS Jungkook really love each other. Many people are wondering exactly, when did the cute interactions between them start? So we decided, we should follow this all the way to its roots and show you a step by step of what happened. So honey, sit down because here is the tea.

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It was all started on October 17th, 2015, with a tweet from the official BTS twitter account complimenting Charlie’s voice on the cover he did alongside Kehlani of Drake's 'Hotline Bling.'

Image Source: Twitter '@ BTS_twt' screenshot

We all thought that was it, but we were wrong. 2 years late Jungkook releases a cover of 'We Don't Talk Anymore' by Charlie and Selena Gomez on February 27, 2017. See the video above*.

It did not take long for Charlie to take noticed and took on his Twitter praise the cover. Charlie did a terrible mistake though, he misspelled Jungkook’s name. He spelled with a C instead of a K “Jungcook”.  He realized his mistake and took the post down, but it was a cute harmless mistake.


Image Source: Twitter '@charlieputh' Sreenshot

A month later, on March 25, 2017, Charlie goes back into his twitter account and drops some love for BTS’ music.

Image Source: Twitter '@charlieputh' screenshot

BTS responded the next day, praising the singer back. This was one of those cute “you are cute” “no, you are” that we all have seen on new relationships.

Image Source: Twitter '@ BTS_twt' screenshot

Two months later on June 1, 2017, Charlie was in a radio interview with MYX Philippines where he brought up his spelling mistake in October 2015. See the video above*

As a response, BTS posted the second cover of Jungkook and Jimin singing  'We Don't Talk Anymore' on June 2nd, 2017. See the video above*

There is no reply, and everything is quiet until November 29th, 2017. On this day without previous forewarning, Charlie Puth publicly asks BTS to check their DMs. He does not prove any additional information, and this raises many questions among the fans.

Image Source: Twitter '@charlieputh' screenshot

There are no interactions between Charlie Puth and BTS for over half a  year. In June 22nd, 2018 our hearts skip a beat for this brotherhood again. BTS was doing a video in collaboration of Apple Music, and when he was asked about his favorite song to travel to, he answered 'The Way I Am' by Charlie Puth without missing a beat. He even gave us a sneak peek of him singing this song. See video above*

Image Source: Twitter '@AppleMusic' Screenshot

Charlie Puth does not make a comment or answers in any way until July 9th, 2018. Charlie released a new music video for 'The Way I Am,' the song Jungkook had named as his to go to song for traveling. Charlie asked Jungkook to watch the video only an hour after its release.

Image Source: Twitter '@charlieputh' screenshot

Source: [Youtube] BANGTANTV, Charlie Puth, Mylovefrom Busan, BTS Daily

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@charlieputh,' Twitter '@BITBYBIT_JK'
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