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Been a While Since They Sang It Live and Despite Forgetting Their Lyrics, It Only Prove How `Live` WINNER Did Their Stage


/  4 Jun, 2018

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WINNER did an impromptu encore performance with 'Don't Flirt.'

WINNER recently performed at Daejin University's school festival on May 29th and not only did they performed the songs they prepared, impromptu encore songs were added too. Among them was an all time favorite, 'Don't Flirt.' 

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With their series of hit songs, WINNER does not perform 'Don't Flirt' as much as they do for their other songs and with that, the lyrics of the song didn't come to them as smooth as it was supposed to be. Seungyoon could be seen stood still during one of his part because he couldn't remember the lyrics while Seunghoon covered Mino's rap part. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Rock Music' Screenshot 

All in all, this actually proved how 'live' their stage was too. Watch the stage in the video above!

Watch the moment in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] Rock Music 

Thumbnail Credit: lovesick for flower, 설렌다 마이노 

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