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Big Hit Revealed First Member of New Boy Group TXT, Multiple Hashtags Trend Worldwide


| 11 Jan

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Netizens are getting excited about Big Hit Entertainment's new boy group: TXT (Tomorrow X Together).

On January 10th, the agency introduced the very first member of the group, Yeonjun. Big Hit released an introductory film for Yeonjun and it quickly blows K-pop fans' mind all around the world. In the clip, Yeonjun shows off his charms in an arcade and a PC cafe. 

Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment

Following the releases (Big Hit also released profile photos of the rookie idol), hashtags #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER, #Yeonjun, and #BigHit have quickly become top 3 worldwide trends on Twitter.


Image Source: Twitter

So, are you ready for more members of TXT?

Source: [Youtube] ibighit

Thumbnail Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

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