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Billboard, Time Magazine, and BBC Featured BIGBANG for Their Final Release Before Military Hiatus


| 15 Mar, 2018

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BIGBANG's latest release, 'Flower Road,' has received global recognition.

Following the song release on March 13th, BIGBANG has garnered attention from the world. Billboard has released an article for the group, with the title "K-Pop Icons BIGBANG Walk the 'Flower Road' In Final Single Before Hiatus." Billboard explained, "Since 2007, BIGBANG has been the most influential K-pop group. Not only promoting as a group, every member is also busy promoting solo."

Image Source: Billboard

Not only Billboard, BIGBANG has also been featured on Times and British channel BBC for the release.

Time Magazine wrote about the leader GDragon, saying, "K-pop star GDragon has started his military service. The army has been thrown into confusion because of him." Meanwhile, BBC highlighted how thousands of letters sent from fans to GDragon has affected the army's business.

Anyway, how do you like BIGBANG's final song before their hiatus, people?

Source: [Youtube] K-MUSIC

Thumbnail Credit: Billboard

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