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Birthday is a Perfect Day for Everyone... But It Might Be NOT for BTS` Members


| 14 Sep, 2018

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Birthday equals to a prank day for BTS members? Yes, maybe.

For most, celebrating a birthday is full of cakes, gifts, songs, good food, greetings, and more. However, BTS members surely have their own way to make it even more "fun." Not only celebrating a birthday with those things, the boys have "tradition" to post never-released photos of the one celebrating the good day on Twitter.

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In most of the times, they shared funny photos where the members show a hilarious facial expression or pose, or candid photos of them. Here, we have compiled several of their birthday photos that will make you get a stomachache from laughing. 

Image Source: Twitter '@BTS_twt'

Source: [Youtube] ibighit

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@improving_Jin,' HOPEYES

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