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Bittersweet Story of Holland: First Openly Gay Idol Who Made Breakthrough in K-Pop Industry


| 14 Mar, 2018

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Promoting as an idol is surely not easy for Holland. 

It's still fresh in our mind how Holland has shocked everyone with his debut, after coming out as a gay, back on January 21 this year. He has been the center of attention and fans all around the world loves his debut single, 'Neverland,' a love song about his romantic struggles. The music video received a 19+ rating due to a same-sex kiss between Holland and model Cho Youngshin.

Image Source: Holland

In contrast, where is he now? Fans barely see him in any music or variety shows. We have to admit that Holland has, somehow, turned into an underrated artist, due to weak marketing. Most probably, it's because of the fact that he is not managed by any big agencies like the other rookie idols. Holland is responsible for his own promotions -- he is both artist and management.

Recently, fans can only see him on his official Youtube channel and personal social media accounts, greeting his fans through various posts, including selfies, travel and daily vlogs, as well as live broadcasts.

What do you think about this issue, people? Do you wish you can see Holland more often?

Source: [Youtube] HOLLAND

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