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Block B Got All Drunk on a Live Broadcast... Yet Sing Their Hits Almost Perfect in front of Camera


|  8 Jan, 2018

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No one need to doubt Block B when it comes to singing skills. 

On January 7th, online media platform Dingo Music released another episode of 'Tipsy Live' featuring Block B. This time, the boys perform a medley of their hits while having some drinks and foods. Just like the title of the show, the idols were under alcohol while singing their song. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Dingo Music' Screenshot

With soju bottles as mics, they show what they got in music, singing their hits, including 'Her,' 'Jackpot,' 'Shall We Dance,' 'Yesterday,' 'Toy,' 'Very Good,' and 'NanrinA.' Watch the fun performance from Block B in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] Dingo Music

Thumbnail Credit: 아르센루팡

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